You May Have the Universe if I May Have Italy


The famous words by Giuseppe Verdi…Well, those who know me, know also my absolute fascination for Italy, starting with the Italian Language and Culture studies at the university – my second degree studies after the Master’s in Business & Communication – and finishing with frequent work and private travels mixed with love for the Italian culture, fashion and of course – kitchen.

I love Italy all year round, as it’s an incredibly versatile country, from North to South, enough to discover for a lifetime – and even a lifetime might not be enough. It’s a country that has been blessed with incredible beauty and don’t we all know that even a couple of days in Italy is a better remedy than anything else.

Photo: Mariken Nikker

For the first time in 15 years or so I didn’t take my traditional summer vacation in July, because there was one important work assignment to take care of. It has traditionally been also the time for my Italian summer break with visiting friends, enjoying the sun and the sea and of course pampering myself with the best of Italian summer tastes – seafood, prosecco, gelato and so many more.

Photo: Mariken Nikker

So now I tried to create that little atmosphere for myself here, in Tallinn, and luckily this summer we had enough sunny days to take advantage of. There were outdoor parties and barbecues with friends and family, but there were also those precious lazy afternoons drifting by with a good book to read and a glass of sparkling wine to enjoy. For me prosecco is a natural part of Italian lifestyle and I love family traditions, so I have grown to appreciate Zonin’s prosecco that is after seven generations still a family owned vineyard, honoring the traditions of local agriculture. Perfect to make those little moments of life a bit more special. To be consumed responsibly, of course. It’s always about the quality, never about the quantity.

So this time I’m inviting you with me for a little summer dreaming. Enjoy those special moments that run away so quickly, taking time for yourself with a good companion – a book to read. And as for me, I will be seeing my beloved Italy already in September!

Photo: Mariken Nikker


Lugu sellest, kuidas siis, kui tavapärane puhkus juulis ära jääb, tuleb Eestis oma killuke Itaaliat luua ja meie kaunist loodust nautida – oma väikese gelato, prosecco ja mereandidega. Ja muidugi raamatuga, mida päikeselistel suvepärastlõunatel on nii mõnus väljas lugeda. Need, kes teavad minu Itaalia-armastust, ei imesta, et ma ka Eestis endale seda luua üritan, sest on ju Verdigi öelnud: „Võite võtta terve universumi, kui jätate mulle Itaalia.“ Need on hindamatud hetked iseendale ja iseendaga.

Photos: Mariken Nikker Photography
Dress: Tallinn Dolls
Make-up & Hair: Glow Beauty Studio
Style: Fashionista Lifestyle by Evelin Ojamets

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