The Taste for French


Some of you may have already noticed my recent fascination with la cuisine française. I have found it really comforting to try out some classics of the French kitchen, especially from the sweets department, from madeleines to chocolate truffles to les bananes flambées. In fact, I used my very last bottle of the Caribbean rum, brought straight from the trip to Guadeloupe and Martinique, for the latter and, oh boy, the taste it gave! The chocolate truffles, on the other hand, though tasting absolutely delicious, turned out to be chocolate spheres, rather than truffles, as some eager cooks around the table kept adding chocolate and cocoa and crusted sesame seeds and salted nuts over and over again. Luckily we still were able to stop before they had reached the size of a football. But then again, if someone feels a bit stressed out, one of those giant truffles would be quite enough to get rid of it. Guaranteed.

More than anything I have found trying out those French recipes comforting and I have found again the passion for cooking and baking that I had lost a while ago. Nothing better than to take out that fresh tray of delicious homemade madeleines, make yourself a cup of Kusmi tea to go with them and, if needed, to keep on working till late at night over some text or other work thing that needs to be done, after having gained an incredible boost of energy and taking your mind elsewhere for a moment. Outside it has been lately either one of those sticky humid grey weathers or one of those really mesmerizing snow storms, so it’s kind of my own cozy little weapon against the gloominess. A dream of Paris in its spring beauty, perhaps, or longing for another trip to France very soon.

Anyway, I’m not going to write here the recipes I used for the sweets, but instead leaving you with my favorite French cooking site Marmiton. Just find the ones that most inspire you, though it’s really complicated to choose, I can give you that. And yes, all the delicacies I made, can be also found there, starting with the most simple ones and finishing with some of the most elaborate dishes of the French kitchen. And when you have found your favorites, please don’t hesitate to write me back about them or leave your ideas in the comments!

Bon Appetit!

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