TFW: Nordic Minimalism Meets Cosmopolitan Glam


Tallinn Fashion Week is finally over and it has been an exciting and certainly a fun one with more than 20 catwalk shows, exhibition openings (Aldo Järvsoo’s “Paradise” left me still longing for that pastel dream jacket in blue) and beauty events (NYX arrival @ Kaubamaja), the majority of which I tried to visit. What I loved most about it, was the versatile picture of our fashion clearly showing through, with more and more emphasis being put on quality: dominating Nordic minimalism-driven strong collections (e.g. Piret Ilves, Lilli Jahilo) combined with an eclectic and interesting mixture of international glam fashion (e.g. Roberta Einer, Kriss Soonik).

I was very pleased to discover that the majority of presenting designers have developed further the courage to take their signature handwriting to the max, not staying in some ambiguous place in between trends and design philosophies, at the same time being able to accommodate all major fashion friends: everstrong minimalism, glitterglam, layers upon layers and the „morden elderly“ trend, just to name a few.

Yes, there are still things to be improved – for example, the quality of visual materials in some cases -, but we certainly have come a long way. Now we can focus on professional spreading of the message of Estonian fashion design in the world and on taking the best of it jointly to the most relevant export markets. We did the first big step towards it in Washington DC FW and are certainly going to involve more markets and more designers in the near future. As the small market size continues to be the biggest constraint for our fashion industry, the most sustainable strategy is clearly the one of going to the world.

And of course, once more big congrats to the winner of our highest fashion design award, the Golden Needle, to Lilli Jahilo and to the most sparkling star of the year 2015 and thus the winner of the Silver Needle, our international fashion talent Roberta Einer. Both awards are undoubtedly well deserved.

As you can immagine, it was not easy to select the favorites, but here they are, my favorite looks from TFW16:




Silver Needle winner Roberta Einer, international fashion glam




Pure harmony by the Golden Needle Winner Lilli Jahilo




Modern elegance by Baltman




Nordic minimalism by Piret Ilves




Urban chic by Iris Janvier




Playful loungerie by Kriss Soonik

Until next time!
Photo credits: Erlend Staub/TFW

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