TFW: Favorite Looks


Tallinn Fashion Week is freshly behind us. It intrigued me, it pleased my eyes with a plenty of memorable fashion moments, it surprised me and it left me perplexed about some collections that somehow hit the stage. But then again, let’s not concentrate on those, as there were indeed many designers and fashion brands that deserve genuine praise. My post is all about my favorite picks.

Embassy of Fashion – favorites that surprised

Embassy of Fashion is one of the fashion houses that everybody loves, from celebrities seeking a reception dress to those longing to have their first fashion design item for some special event. We expect them to create every season something extraordinary that would allow us to keep alive our dream of fashion. And they don’t disappoint us.

Aldo Järvsoo gave us a softly falling summer collection that brings to my mind luxury resorts, where colorful dresses catch wind on the summer promenade. A rainbow of colors accentuated by carefully chosen design details.

Riina Põldroos went for trendy floral, but continued also her love for mythical creatures, this time bringing in the fascinating motive of unicorns.

Ketlin Bachmann
offered a genius combination of floral and geometrical patterns in pastel, a modern fashion eclecticism that was still cohesive and mesmerizing.

Iris Janvier – urban summer

Iris Janviers’s collection was actually consisting of several sub-themes, but I was most drawn to the part where they presented chic shirt-inspired designs and softly falling pure color dresses, perfect for summer office or sunny city streets.

Year by Raivo Holm – modern classics

Modern, and yet timeless, coats and trenches that are a must-be in every wardrobe, be it spring or autumn. And I loved-loved-loved the creamy coat with floral-pattern cape, a true fashion statement item!

Monton – creative explosion

Our ready-to-wear fashion brand with the most international reach that has gone more playful and youthful with each season, surprised with a special collection that truly released the creative power of its design team. Trendy color blocking, soft floral, feminine black classic of summer evenings and the catwalk hit – coral cloud of fluffiness.

Diana Arno – feminine elegance

Feminine softly falling lines and pastel colors – an urban chic collection for a woman with an eye for elegance. Especially loved the powder blue and pink trenches!

Wear-Arts – a celebration of art and fashion

Fashion brand Wear-Arts and the Estonian Academy of Arts presented a special ready-to-wear collaboration collection, inspired by the works of some of the most famed Estonian contemporary artists, Jüri Arrak, Leonhard Lapin and Maarit Murka. A true celebration of art in our everyday life and then again, a life itself, in all its positivity.

Finito. Till the next time!
Photo credits: Erlend Staub, Raul Mee

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