Summer Beauty Essentials for Facial Care


Here you go, some of my summer beauty favorites for facial care. Thoroughly tested products that have made it into my list, as the vacations time is approaching and our cosmetics bags need some newcomers!

For Cleansing

Crossing over to the dark side…Just in my facial routine still, for the time being. Love that new Origins Clear Improvement Exfoliating Cleansing Powder with Active Charcoal. A well-tested alternative for acid exfoliators that in summer can leave your skin too vulnerable for pigmentation when used too often. Visibly cleaner and smooth skin, especially, if combined with the mask from the same series once a week.

For Hydration

Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate by Clinique – this one has done wonders with my skin after the dull winter period and after those sleepless nights while I was writing my thesis, being painfully aware of the work projects that were piling up. Perfect for summer, as provides all the moisture needed, being at the same time light enough.

For Sun Protection

There’s no magazine or blog that won’t stress the importance of sunscreen and that’s one area where I don’t want to be different. We all know it, ladies, from the danger of skin cancer to that nasty pigmentation. The latter being later not only difficult, but also quite expensive to get rid of. The problem I have had with sunscreens on my face is that they can feel quite unpleasant – sticky and causing a load of impurities. So it has taken me a while to test and try, till I discovered those two that I have now become quite attached to – Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 by The Body Shop and Avene Very High Protection Cream SPF50.Highly recommended, as are light and non-comedogenic, but giving you all the protection you need.

I will be following-up with a blog post about those beauty products that have made it into my list in terms of decorative make-up, from well-tested mascaras to lipsticks perfect for summer. Stay tuned and enjoy your summer!

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