Stylish Season Kick-off by Baltika


Baltika started out strong the approaching FW’16 season, presenting stylish looks for the almost here cold period. One of their flagship brands, Ivo Nikkolo, went fully urban this season, offering casual elegance with a twist. One could see wardrobe classics mixed with trendy elements or put together in an unusual way, such as in one of my favourite looks – dress upon trousers. Their menswear brand Baltman, celebrating its 25th year, is under the creative guidance of its head designer Antonio effortlessly chic, offering among others some jackets in bold colors that I would love to wear myself, should they make the fitting size.

Bastion continued its strongly feminine handwriting with some timeless classics in glitter, whereas the biggest surprise was offered by Mosaic, who presented perhaps their strongest collection ever. It was taken further by a masterful styling by the noted stylist Merit Boeijkens, bringing in for example marvellous headpieces and the statement jewelry by Tanel Veenre. Colours building upon colours, just refreshing. Perhaps a brand that was somehow not in my sight till now, but I would definitely suggest to give it a look, both for the office and for the street wardrobe.

And finally, Monton, who was riding perhaps on one of the biggest trends in fashion – going rebel with wild stallions and indeed, featuring the Pegasus himself. All black looks, featuring headscarves under riding caps, were the true eyecatchers for me.

All in all, an intriguing and stylish start for the Estonian approaching fashion season, can’t wait to see the rest of it. My favorite ten looks are featured on the blog.










Photos: Maksim Toome

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