Style Up Your Trainings!


It’s been quite a while since my last look post, as simply there have been so many other topics meanwhile that have taken the priority in my blog posts, but finally it comes.

This time it signals more than a look, actually, it’s the happy return to my regular training routine. I have had quite a pause – a bit forced one, but also struggled to find it a proper place in my daily schedules – and simply can’t tell you how good it feels to be finally back! Doing a mixture of different styles, from dancing to power and abs trainings to stretching and relaxing or so-called body and mind techniques.

Those who know me, can really be surprised, as such a definitely not a morning person like me can now be found waiting for her training at 8.15 AM. Simply with my current working schedule I found a better fit with trainings that start early in the morning or using my lunch hour or taking an hour or two for it during the weekends.

After the first one and half weeks I can only say that if possible, don’t make those long pauses in the first place. What a nightmare to start again! There’s not a muscle in my body that doesn’t hurt, as it finally needs to get used to some regularity instead of my quite hectic training routine up till now. I certainly try not to fall back into that trap of convenience again.

But slowly one gets used to it and feels the body start reacting in a way you want to the moves and stretches. And that burst of energy is really awesome! It’s easy to forget that training is not only for having an acceptable beach body, but it also kick-starts our brain every morning, allowing it not to get lazy. I find it much more easier to switch between different things while working and could it be that I also have so much more ideas? Well, anyway, I realize it’s just a start, but I am keen on keeping the rhythm.

So what to suggest to those of you, who are also familiar with that struggle to find time for a proper training in your busy work and life schedules? Start from saying that it needs to be done and no is not an option, the question is simply to figure out the suitable time of the day and of the week. As I told, if you really can’t take that hour in the evenings, try early morning options or lunch hour. Sure, it means a little inconvenient re-scheduling of your things, but it surely can be done. And step out of your comfort zone, perhaps you still can become a morning person, at least for those one or two days in a week? Then find a training club that you love to go and the style you like, mixing is also a good option. And finally, it never hurts to add that little extra motivation with the brand new training outfit. Works every time, I guarantee it. So ladies, let’s go! I’ll come back to that topic soon, letting you know how I’m doing and what it takes to keep the motivation.

Photo: Marin Sild
Make-up & Hair: Glow Makeup (MUA Lana Vallo)
Outfit: adidas Originals, adidas by Stella McCartney, Dune

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