Style not Fashion


January is very often the month for new starts when everything is shiny and promises a mountain of new possibilities. And though it’s being said that whatever you do, don’t run to change your hairstyle after every major change in your life, that’s after breaking up usually, I felt tempted to do exactly that. Even though, let it be said, I did’t have a major breakup to get behind me.

As far as my wardrobe is concerned, for some time already black is my favorite color. It kind of comes in waves, I have noticed. Sometimes I like to combine very bold colors with a particular tooth for red, then again I have a taste for pastels – especially all shades of blue – and then I’m back to basics, black, gray, white, some other pure base colors. Recently I have been very much into minimalism and yes, black. I just feel that it goes so well with everything, is very practical for this not so comfortable winter weather and also allows for the chosen accessories to shine. And as I really appreciate the styling power of interesting accessories, be it bags or design jewellery, I kind of like this neutral canvas to showcase them.

However, I felt that my hair seemed a bit too grayish and lifeless on the backdrop of black, the color of asphalt or even mud, as it seemed to me, which clearly wasn’t a desirable situation. I was actually considering even to cut them short or to color them a totally different shade, but my hairstylist, the one and only Tamara Korjagina (Le Salon), advised me not to. “It’s not about fashion, it’s about style,” she told me. And in a way your hair is part of your personal brand, kind of a business card that doesn’t require frequent dramatic changes. So she opted for an elegant ombre that is still very much in vogue this year, with the gradual change of colors being less evident than it used to be. As my overall style is more modern chic meets elegant, meaning not overly crazy, she went for classical colors, different shades of light. Though, we didn’t rule it out that for some months the ombre effect might express itself also through added pale pink or lilac, but also that in a very subtle way, much less evidently compared to the previous colorful trend.

So, the blonde ombre lady in black can’t be happier and can’t wait for her next appointment. But I believe that what could be memorized from that story, are the ideas about style and fashion. Fashion is quick to go by, but style remains. So it’s much more important to find your signature style and enrich it with some trend elements of each season, but not running after every fashion wave, compromising your own unique style. After all, there’s only one you. And sometimes it takes an amazing hairstylist to remind you that.


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