Seasonal Glam Collection by Oksana Tandit


December is well around the corner with its Christmas and New Year parties, countless receptions, festive afterhours and media events where one would need to be present and – one needs to look impeccable. I was personally very happy to have had a chance to help the launch of the special festive season collection by Oksana Tandit at the 10th anniversary party of the beauty clinic vipMedicum.

Oksana, who is very often referred to as “Estonian Armani” due to her love for uniting masculine and feminine silhouettes with the touch of high quality fabrics on your skin and the attention to details in her design aesthetic, has for the festive season taken a more playful approach, combining bold colors, glitter fabrics and figure accentuating silhouettes into a glam collection that on the designer’s own words “has been inspired by the great master Vincent van Gogh”.

My favorite looks from the collection for the holiday season:

Jumpsuit in sparkling moonlight silver

Mustard silk dress

Chic glitter

Graceful champagne

Sensual black = midnight blue

Let the glam season begin!

Photo credits: Maksim Toome

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