Parli italiano? Hell, yes.


Today’s blog post I dedicate to languages, cultures and the importance of keep on going, even if it would be so much easier to quit.

I have always loved languages and I think that we all agree, those of us not being native speakers first of all, that there are no words to describe how much the English language has widened our horizons, the ability to do career and to explore the world. I’m eternally grateful to my high school English teacher, who made us study till the early morning hours sometimes and quite frequently there were some awfully detailed texts about birds or animals, whose names I don’t know even in my native language, but I now know in English. However, it all served to give a deeper understanding of this wonderful language and everything that came later had already a great basis to build on.

Because of this very love for languages I decided to pursue the second university degree a few years ago and graduated last year with a diploma in Romanesque languages. It is hard to put into words how much the knowing of Italian and French languages has given me, from the use of better semiotics in my marketing communication professional & fashion promoter job to opening up a totally new world of literature and culture in those languages. I admit, I wanted to quit many times, as it’s no picnic to study in the university whilst working full time, having countless other projects and running your household, but something was holding me back.

I believe the importance of languages was best described by my Berlin colleague, who recently told me “I believe every time you learn a new language, it opens up not only a new culture, but a new life for you. You live simultaneously the number of lives that equals to the number of languages you know.”

I am not saying that everyone should go and study languages in the university, but even a little language course or self-study would do. My only suggestion would be to pick the language and culture that you already love and are passionate about, as otherwise after the first month’s fascination it is all too easy to give up.

Alla prossima, amici!

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