Office Calls for Urban Chic


Actually, it’s really nice to be back in business after some time, to say hello to your colleagues and to look into the new interesting projects that lay ahead of you. Like for example helping both new and established talents in Estonian and Nordic fashion to gain visibility. Can’t wait to start with that!

But of course there’s always some gloominess in returning to normal business hours and to meeting routines after a relaxed holiday time that was being enjoyed even too much. Well, the thing that helps, is of course to do what you are passionate about and luckily if one tells the words fashion, lifestyle, brands and communication, that one is describing exactly my work. I’m lucky to have my passion and work united. Of course, not always the sky is completely sunny, but don’t we all have difficult moments, not so inspiring (not to say boring) tasks, tight deadlines and never ending meetings sometimes?

H&M, Evelin Ojamets

H&M, Evelin Ojamets

The ohter thing that always helps is to dress up. Mostly for yourself, but of course it’s also worthwhile to go through that little trouble and later hear the compliments. We love them all, don’t we?

There’s no such thing as overdressing, I’m a firm believer in that. Thinking through your look the evening before helps to avoid the unnecessary rushing in the mornings and usually gives a much better result. Well, I’m not always able to follow the advice I’m preaching now and going for a spontaneous quick pick, but at least I try to, it’s really taking your stress level considerably down in the mornings.

I’m wearing:
– White sleevless shirt paired with patterned green skirt by H&M
– White pearl earrings by SNÖ
– Snake skin patterned shoes by Aldo
– Shades by H&M

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