My Little Red Clutch


Some things are meant to be. Like the meeting between me and my new favorite miniclutch. And I know that it’s just a bag, but please allow me some ranting anyway. First, it’s exactly the right color, the perfect Valentino Rosso or Valentino Red, which has always been one of my most preferred reds. Secondly, it’s really chic in both shape and size. It simply styles up every look, from classic red-black to red-white to red-nude to any number of combinations.

However, currently I really love to wear it with this summer’s outpowering pattern-mixing and marine trends. Have really fallen in love with this dark blue-white-red combination that works for meetings, as well as for some summer receptions or events. Just don’t forget the matching nails and lips, as the fashion winds have changed again and nothing is considered to be too matchy-matchy anymore. Well, certain things are, but this is not one of those certain things.

@ fashion event at Oksana Tandit's boutique, photo: Marina Rusakova

@ fashion event at Oksana Tandit’s boutique, photo: Marina Rusakova

One of course needs to be aware that besides your bank card, mobile phone (and even this depends on the phone) and lipstick it doesn’t fit any more items, but sometimes this and perhaps a little piece of chocolate and one tiny perfume tester is all we need, isn’t it so?

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