Little White or Little Blue Bouclé Dress


Oksana Tandit

Oksana Tandit


Sometimes there’s nothing better than to find an outfit in which one could feel good all year round. A chic midi-length bouclé dress is exactly an item like that. It’s something comfortable, warm, soft, and yet elegant, to wear in the office now, but it’s also absolutely well-suited for those summer days when you feel a bit chilly. As for colors, the white trend has been very much in vogue for the entire year – replacing black as widely discussed – and doesn’t seem to go anywhere not just yet, doesn’t matter the season. On the other hand, we all know that it’s really hard to find a color that better accentuates the Nordic fair types than blue does, in almost all of its shades.

I’m wearing bouclé dresses and a clutch designed by a noted Estonian designer Oksana Tandit, who has masterfully combined high quality materials, pure clear-cut design and attention to details – just take a look at those anchored buttons, for example! The dress is one of those much needed basic items in every modern day busy woman’s wardrobe.

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