Here’s something red from my box!

Me and Mari-Liis swapping!

One needs to look pretty!

Family event! My mother came to help me and found a new friend in Mari-Liis!

Last weekend I had a pleasure to accept the invitation by the lifestyle blog Stellarium author Stella K. Wadowsky, to participate at the fashion swap party for bloggers and fashionistas, organized by her blog. I have been not so eager participant at fashion markets and swap parties till now, but I’m happy that I reconsidered.

The chosen place, Sarapuu Kirbukas Tallinn , was fantastic, we had a lovely team of stylish women selling their even more stylish clothes, and most of all, I liked to be able to support the philosophy of reuse in fashion. Over the years I have anyway become more conscious in my fashion choices, choosing a few well selected items of impeccable design and good quality, rather than five different colors of this season’s blouses. But women remain women and I’m not able to stick to that decision always, far too many seductions appearing each season. So what a fantastic opportunity to make a regular inventory in your wardrobe at least twice a year and to use fashion swap parties for giving the second life with a new happy wearer to the clothes you yourself no longer need.

I’m definitely doing it more often in the future and by the way, I strongly suggest to drop by Sarapuu Kirbukas, because all the stylish women, who participated at the Stellarium’s fashion swap party, have for an entire month their personal selling boxes there with many fashion treasures to be discovered. I will even be bringing some new things later this week, so don’t miss the opportunity to find something to your wardrobe at really friendly prices. Let’s make the fashion items circle, ladies!

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