How to Brighten-up Your Skin


One who definitely hates this grey winter period without light and vitamins C and D, is my skin. Though I usually don’t have great problems, it’s just so dull and without life, even a bit greyish, perhaps wanting to match with the color palette outside.

So it’s time to turn to some serious measures in order to brighten it up, as only covering it with makeup doesn’t work. Here’s my list of thoroughly tested products that I have found very helpful in that.

The Clinique Pep-Start is a great novelty in the market that unites a much needed cleansing and deep hydration for this period. Their exfoliating cleanser is just efficient enough for notable cleansing and scrubbing, but then again, gentle enough for everyday use. The hydrating moisturizer is perfect especially for daytime, providing matte finish and a good smooth base for makeup. The product I love most from this series, however, is without a doubt the eye cream. It instantly brightens up the eyes, while giving its best also against the dark circles. Though nothing quite substitutes a good night sleep, it almost gets away with it.

Magical vitamin C. The Body Shop has a wonderful Daily Glow Cleaning Polish with vitamin C, camu from the Amazonian rainforest and aloe vera. It’s a gentle exfoliator that at the same time is efficient enough against the dull and tired skin. And it smells incredibly of fresh citrus, a true wakening in the mornings! The other essential product with vitamin C comes from Finnish beauty brand Lumene. It’s their Glow Boost with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, an essence to put on after cleansing and just before your usual cream or moisturizer.

Nutrition with vitamin E. Here again The Body Shop has done a great job with their vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion and the Sink-in Moisture Sleeping Mask from the same series. In addition to protective vitamin E, the lotion contains the all mighty biofermented hyaluronic acid and the mask is rich in different oils. The latter you can keep overnight or if you have a makeup free spa day for yourself at home during the weekend, why not to put it on also then and let it work while you’re relaxing with a good book.

Overnight treatments in general are a necessity in this period. The Dreamduo by Glamglow, for instance. Wow, this overnight transforming treatment really does work wonders while you are peacefully amidst your REM cycle. It’s a due step product, consisting of a serum with green coffee for a surge of hydration and a plumping essence of hyaluronic acid and green algae. I definitely liked the person looking back at me while doing my morning ritual in front of the mirror next morning.

Deep cleansing to remove all those dull dead cells, as we all know that without a good cleansing first, no essence, lotion or treatment really works. I discovered recently a very interesting product by Natura Siberica, which, as I learned, has already earned a considerable praise from the beauty community. It’s their Deep Cleansing Northern Soap-Detox. You apply and remove it with a sponge once or twice per week and it really helps to avoid and/or get rid of some of the most common impurities of the skin.

Here we go, some of my favorites are now revealed. But of course, a good night sleep and a piece of luxury chocolate I could have listed as no 1 and no 2, that is when fighting against the winter stress. Especially chocolate, to consume as you see fit, but in some reasonable moderation, of course.

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