Gallery of springtime Paris


A quick spring escape to Paris is always a good idea, isn’t it? Even if the temperature suddenly drops to mere 7 degrees C and the city wraps itself into the thick scarf of greyness, there’s always something to do and enough guilty pleasures to enjoy (well, I am talking about macarons mainly here, but for each person its own, of course..)

My proven checklist for the quick spring getaway in Paris:

– Wandering, wandering, wandering through its streets without any specific destination in mind. After some time the metro and the proximity of the main tourist attractions can feel quite tiring, so it is highly recommended to take a walk off the main streets and see how the Parisians themselves enjoy a quick after work chat and glass of wine in their neighborhood brasseries, for example.

– Finding the best bakery in your neighborhood, buying a fresh baguette to go and eating it with the melting slices of creamy camembert.

– Trying St Germain spritz! Those who have tried know what I am talking about, but those who haven’t yet, it’s quite similar to Hugo in its taste profile, except for the little addition of pear.

– Montmartre, of course Montmartre. Can’t get enough of its little restaurants and cafés! With a little attention to details you are easily able to separate the typical tourist traps selling products made in China from places with a genuine local produce and true bohemian feeling. Perfect to enjoy a glass of champagne on the Place du Tertre and having the best possible crêpes from one of the street sellers. And those who happen to be Fragonard perfume lovers like me – there’s a lovely Fragonard boutique just before you start going up the hill of Montmartre. A new summerly bergamot fragrance was something that simply needed to travel with me back home.

– Enjoying the absolute temptations of the French cuisine – crème brûlée in one of the little cafés on the banks of Seine or the state-of-the-art macaroons in Laduree Champs Elysées.

– Having a round or two on the carousel in Jardin des Tuileries. What an amazing sight, especially in the evenings when you are high on top of the Paris of lights!

– Compulsory for all fashion lovers – Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris. Studio of this one of the great fashion Maestros of all times, exhibitions showcasing its creations from different years, documentaries, sketches and many more treasures. Definitely worth discovering!

Au revoir, Paris! I hope to get another chance with you.

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