Gallery of Berlin


I had a chance to spend a week in Berlin and it’s the gallery of my impressions, tastes, looks and even the travel perfume I chose for the occasion. The more I travel, the more I realize the importance of all senses coming together in the final impression of the place that you will have – you will remember the vibe, the colors, the casually met people, the smells, the music, the taste of every piece of food you tried.

It’s especially true for Berlin that for me is such an incredible mixture of things and cultures. Everything is coming together in its totally unique vibe, relaxed, artsy, design-like, stylish.

I was staying this time in Hotel Mani in Torstrasse, a little cool design hotel in the middle of a cozy street in Berlin Mitte. Absolutely loved the neighborhood that was full of little design shops and restaurants, offering anything from the modern German kitchen to street food to different Asian and European cuisines. My favorites this time were Sucre et Sel – a small charming French restaurant with rustic cuisine and incredible wines – and Noto – thank you, my dear friend Georg, for this recommendation – that offers a superb modern German and European cuisine.

Long walks is something that you definitely can’t do without in Berlin, from the traditional Alexanderplatz to Unter den Linden to more hipster areas and street markets and museums of the city. I was also super happy to meet some Berlin bloggers @ Ferratum pop-up lounge and talk to them about the style of living in Germany, about what they do and about blogging in general. Claudia from Ofenkieker blog showed us how to make the most elaborate sugar orchids for decorations, Indojunkie guys took me to Bali and digital nomading roads and Paula from Laufvernarrt took us through some serious fitness and yoga trainings. And then there were the guys from Klonblog, introducing their incredible tattoo art meets social project Prison Art, where the bags are actually made by prisoners made into tattoo artists in Mexican prisons as part of a rehabilitation project and as a means of support to their families. Looking seriously fierce those bags!

My look was this time mainly a mixture of Estonian design (Ivo Nikkolo, Monton) and THE German brand I love – adidas. And I thought I also found a perfect perfume for the occasion – Wonderlust by Michael Kors.

Can’t wait to be back wandering in those streets of Berlin.
Auf wiedersehen, Berlin!

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