Creamy Macaroon Fashion by Karolin Kuusik


Karolin Kuusik designed a special collection for Tallinn Dolls that was presented yesterday in the new fashion center in Tallinn, Defitsiit. Karolin, known for her youthful and playful design, broke the boundaries of traditional fashion collection presentation also this time. Instead of one cohesive collection, she actually offered us a symbiosis of several minicollections that considerably differed in style and are thus appealing to very different fashion-conscious women, from minimalism to glamorous effects lovers.

According to the designer, her sources of inspiration ranged from Marie Antoinette to Italian women and exactly that versatile are also the designs, having still the uniting element of playfulness in all of them. Dresses, skirts and jackets in trendy neoprene and in creamy macaroon colors are certainly fresh and eye-catching for any event to come, the jackets offering also countless further styling possibilities, e.g. with skinny jeans. Though my overall style tends to be a little more minimalism-focused, I can’t help myself thinking that the Audrey-style neoprene macaroon dress would be a perfect reason for pushing those boundaries a bit.

And as I already mentioned minimalism, the collection pleases also the eye of the worshippers of that style. Or as I like to put it, it’s minimalism, but with a playful twist, be it the velvety dotted pattern or the silhouettes in glitter. My personal favourite being exactly the little black dotted dress. Some of my best loved looks are here, from creamy macaroon fashion to the little playful black dress.

Creamy Neopreen





Silvery black





Photo credits: Kalev Lilleorg

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