Christmas Beauty List


Holidays are approaching in a scary speed and almost everyone’s thoughts are split between how to finish all the necessary things at work and how to get all the preparations done for Christmas at the same time, from home decoration to helping Santa to fulfill his duties.

Here’s a little list to help you with the presents selection for Her, containing my recent well-tested and best loved beauty products for face. I have been concentrating especially on different masks – with one well-deserved exception – for cleansing, hydrating, lifting and toning, which are always good presents, even if you don’t know the gift receiver’s beauty routine to great details. And we all need the little magic they provide, especially during the glamorous holiday season.

1. GravityMud Power Rangers Exclusive by GlamGlow. Instant firming for face contours, lifting and toning effect in 30 minutes, so it can be well used as the last minute rescue before going to an important event. It has saved quite many of my evenings, when running to one of the holiday receptions or fashion events after a full working day. Some of its wonder ingredients include marine algae plasma, BioDefine polymers, red algae extract and licorice leaf. The special edition peel-off masks turn into stunning metallic green and gold as they dry and it is also super easy to get them off afterwards.

2. 5D Golden Beauty Mask & 5D Rejuvenating Oxygen Mask by D’DIFFERENCE, especially in their pre-party and after-party special edition set. The much-praised masks by Estonian luxury natural cosmetics brand are among my long-time favourites. The gel masks turn into soft foam on your face, lifting all the debris, firming and rejuvenating. Again, perfect before important events or as part of weekend beauty rituals to give your skin that much needed boost.

3. 5D Firming FaceGlow Peel by D’DIFFERENCE. Another product belonging to the same brand family that I warmly recommend. To be used 1-3 times per week, depending on your skin type, in order to get rid of dead skin cells, to fight against fine lines, to brighten dark spots and to give your complexion that extra glow it needs. Some of its natural ingredients include organic acids and lactic acid, red algae and plant stem cell extract, as well as natural oils from jojoba and avocado. A wonderful velvety texture feels super lovely on your skin and works wonders! I tend to use it 1-2 times per week as part of my evening beauty routine between the first cleansing (with face cream to remove make-up and the first layer of debris) and toning (with micellar water or acid toner) to give my skin a really thorough cleansing and boost elasticity.

4. British Rose Mask by The Body Shop. A heavenly smelling luxury plumping mask that is made with real rose petals and the essence of hand-picked roses from Britain. An immediate moisture surge for your skin that also soothes and tones, making it feel and look wonderfully plump and fresh.

5. Even Better Glow foundation by Clinique. I have tested quite many foundations recently and really love this novelty product by Clinique that quite easily took a spot in my top beauty products list. It contains light reflecting pearl pigments that provide that instant inner-beauty-illuminating-through effect, as well as exfoliating and brightening ingredients that over time help to correct dark spots and discolorations. So it not only covers, but actually secretly works to improve your skin condition and texture. It is quite lightweight and has SPF15, so also perfect in the winter sun. For my pale Nordic skin, I prefer the ivory shade, but of course, the choice is plentiful.

Well, that’s it – my Santa’s beauty list is in front of you and I would hope that many ladies would be happy to find some of these little wonders under their Christmas trees.

Good luck in choosing your Christmas presents and don’t overstress! It’s always good to pick something practical that the receiver would definitely use and enjoy and it doesn’t need to be overly expensive either. Joy and a little thought of giving is what counts, not the number of gifts or how expensive they are. Enjoy the holiday preparations and taking some time off soon, it is still the very special time of the year!

Happy Christmas month!

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