Capri Winter Delights


Winter holidays took me once again to my beloved Capri that I saw for the first time in its New Year’s Eve sparkle and right after that in its peaceful out-of-season dreaming mood. Though it was quite windy, for a Nordic person like me, it was lovely to feel the rays of sunshine on my skin. There were days when the sky above and the sea around the island were blue, almost telling that it’s summer, comforting in their invitation. But for those who know the blue island better, there was no deception, it was the darker shade of blue, that of a winter sea that any moment could become stormy and wild.

The island was much quieter than in the summer period, but I kind of enjoyed it. As I have been there before in February and March, I was prepared for this out-of-season desertedness that for me translates into calm wandering in Capri and Anacapri, chatting with my local friends, writing and reading.

In the evenings the island put on a gala dress, that is to say that it sparkled as much as one can possibly imagine. Cheerful crowd gathered in the main square, having the all-year-round aperol spritz or prosecco, enjoying a cup of coffee along with sfogliatella, the crispy shell-shaped Italian pastry, chatting or playing tombola, walking or even dancing in the open air. An incredible feeling of little community and that of sharing the special moments of life in the way its done in Italy, whilst admiring the beauty of Capri in its holiday lights.

As usual, I couldn’t keep away from my favorite eating places, though unfortunately one of those that I love most – La Capannina – was this time closed for winter holidays. But the bar Tiberio was open for an aperitif and da Alberto pastry bar offered a lovely selection of sweets and homemade ice creams.

This time I discovered one more family restaurant that now will remain in my list of Capri delights, the Donna Rachele. A cosy little place that is lovely to drop in for a sumptuous dinner, as well as for a wine tasting, accompanied by many local antipasti. A seafood lover in me was again sent to heaven by their oven-made lobster and the tortellone pasta filled with red Sicilian shrimps. The meal was finished with a local well-known sweet, baba, made with a rum-flavored syrup. A legendary Neapolitan pastry that among other things is also a bringer of good luck and prosperity, especially while being part of the New Year’s Eve dinner.

So good luck to us all, and again, I’m sure that it will be just arrivederci, my Capri!

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