Capri summer – 7 travel tips


Finally summer. Finally vacation. Finally Italy. The perfect formula for happiness and relaxation for me. As many of you already know, I am a devoted all year round Capri person. Close to 15 years of history with the island have made me a half-local, which means that every time I’m there, I don’t go as a tourist, it feels like being at home.

That being told, I always try to find balance between revisiting the good old places that I have missed and discovering something new. And despite of the island being little compared to some city escape destinations, there’s always plenty to find.

What to do in summer in my beloved Capri:

Beaching in Marina Piccola. You simply can’t do without when taking a look at that blue water, as Marina Piccola is where the island’s best beaches are. Depending on your budget, you can choose anything from public beach to the most prestigious beach club La Canzone del Mare (The Song of the Sea). Beach bars and restaurants offering a cold lemon slush or a creamy Italian gelato are a sight not to miss. Should you like, you can always have a nice Capri salad (insalata caprese), fresh seafood or an oven-baked pizza in one of the restaurants directly on or close to the beach, while letting yourself to be immersed in the vivid atmosphere of Southern Italy. Voices. Light. Colours. Total relaxation.

Chairlift up to Monte Solaro. Go and let yourself to be caressed by foggy clouds on top of Monte Solaro. That’s the highest peak of Capri, 589 m from the sea level. The chairlift can be taken from Anacapri and it takes around 10-15 minutes both ways. Those who like (and you do, trust me), can stop and walk around before descending, there’s also a little cosy café to enjoy the views in the midst of clouds.

Enjoying the views while taking the Scala Fenicia. The historical Phoenician Steps take you up (and down) to Anacapri from Marina Grande, whilst offering the most spectacular views. Wear comfortable shoes, have your camera ready, bottle of water with you and go! To me the most comfortable way was to take the steps down from Anacapri, the entrance is close to the Axel Munthe museum (Villa San Michele). The journey is 1,7 km long and you will have to take 921 steps. If possible, try to do it in the mornings of afternoons, not with the most prominent sunshine, but it’s totally worth it.

Visiting Axel Munthe museum. Villa San Michele in Anacapri is home to Axel Munthe museum. The name of the beloved doctor and writer Axel Munthe doesn’t need much introduction and his villa and gardens are definitely worth a visit. The home of the famous Swede saw in its days of glory the most eloquent gallery of European royal families paying him a visit. Known lover of Capri, Axel Munthe has been told to have died with a ticket back to his beloved island in his pocket.

Shopping for local products. It’s impossible to leave the island without taking at least a little souvenir with you. You can step into many little shops and outlets in the centre of Capri or Anacapri, offering anything from local limoncello to lemon soaps and ceramics to local wine or craft beer. Fashion lovers’ items not to miss are, of course, the local handmade Capri sandals, wonderful linen fashion collections they produce there or a bottle of perfume from Carthusia.

Enjoying local food. That is almost too obvious to write down, as who would not like one fresh Capri salad with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes, a plate of homemade ravioli or delicious seafood, from carpaccio to grilled to fried? But what makes it less obvious are the places where to go. My approved list has remained quite the same in the course of several years, though I always like to try out new places as well. For a lovey elegant dinner in the family restaurant, go to La Capannina in the Capri centre. Delicious food, wide wine list and fantastic hospitality by the owners and everyone else. Another place for fine dining on the island that I really would recommend, is the restaurant Il Geranio, again with the fantastic food and service, whilst enjoying the spectacular views. For an oven-made real pizza and good home-made simple food for lunch or dinner instead, go to ristorante-pizzeria Longano, again in the Capri centre. For a drink or aperitivo, go to Tiberio bar in the main square, the Piazzetta of Capri, especially when you would like to enjoy the atmosphere of vivid Capri evenings. Or to the La Capannina bar, a bit hidden gem of the famous restaurant, where you can peacefully enjoy your cocktail in a less crowded cosy atmosphere. For a cappuccino or a drink in style, step into Café Morgano or to the terrace of the legendary Grand Hotel Quisisana. And for the gelato – Buonocore of course, the best homemade ice cream of the island!

Nightwalks in Capri. Sotto le stelle di Capri or under the starry skies of the island – late night walks that you really can’t miss, especially in summer. The little island breathes differently then compared to daytime. It smells of summer, of seafood, of bougainvilleas, of happiness, of mystery. The air feels velvety on your skin. You can alternate your itineraries from the bustling famous boutiques street Via Camerelle to the fantastic Punta Tragara belvedere, the gardens of hotel Luna or, indeed, to some of the lonelier narrow streets of the island where you will soon be accompanied by one of the real rulers of the island – one of the most adorable Capri cats.

Arrivederci, my Capri!

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