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After having missed my more or less customary summer trip to Capri and Southern Italy, I managed to have a one week’s escape in early September. And then there I was again, in my blue paradise. Those who have been in Capri only in summer have missed a lot, as September is actually the best period for visiting the island. One can still have warm days to go to the beach, but at the same time the heat is not so merciless as in July or in August.

However, those who really love the island and perhaps have been there before, should try to go also in winter, from November to March. In that period the island is sleeping peacefully and one can really admire the beautiful game of nature, taking over once so crowded streets of the island. For me it’s perfect for a few days of total relax, walking around, reading a book, perhaps writing. As the majority of the restaurants, shops and hotels are closed then, it’s certainly not recommended for the first visit to Capri or for those expecting to see the summer Mediterranean vivid atmosphere. It’s exactly what it is – a quiet time for yourself.

So what to do in Capri in September?

First of all, as the weather is still beautiful, I recommend going to the beach in Marina Piccola. Perhaps you won’t have the feeling of exactly burning sun, but you can surely still get a nice sunkissed complexion, take a refreshing bath and later just relax with a book on the beach, enjoying the sound of waves and the beautiful views around you. Totally empties your mind of any work thoughts and troubles.

Then of course there’s the wonderful selection of restaurants serving a fresh local food and delicious variety of frutti di mare. For a seafood lover like me, it’s really an heaven on Earth – fried squids, grilled octopus, seafood carpaccio, pasta with clams etc etc. For years – and it’s more than ten years that I go to Capri in all kinds of seasons – my favorite places have been a lovely family restaurant La Capannina and a cozy pizzeria-trattoria Longano, serving homely local food at its best.

And then of course there’s the aperitivo time not to be missed. When the darkness falls, everybody goes “promenading” at the Piazzetta, the main square of Capri, admiring its fashion boutiques street via Camerelle and the little narrow streets of the island. I love to have the aperitivo directly at the Piazzetta, in one of its beautiful cafés and bars. Or if I want something special, I also go to the legendary hotel Quisisana and have an elegant aperitif in style on its terrace. Shopping is also a temptation, especially for some Capri best of the best: Carthusia perfumes, Capri watch, Capri sandals etc.





I have always felt at home in Capri and by now I know a lot of its hidden corners and secret treasures. There’s nothing quite so amazing as wandering at nights below its starry skies, feeling the warmth of its winds on your skin and seeing some mysterious eyes following you. These are the true kings and queens of the island – elegant Capri cats with their long soft fur and big eyes. Graceful, wonderful creatures.

The only way I can leave Capri is when I know that I already have a ticket back. We will see again soon, my blue paradise. Arrivederci!

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