Can fashion conquer the winter kaamos?


During my recent escape to Florence I had a chance to visit a fashion and art exhibition “Traces. Artful dialogues” in Palazzo Pitti’s Museum of Fashion and Costume, showing the masterpieces of world fashion from the early 1920s to nowadays immersed in beautiful arts.

Next to the noted world names, such as Gianfranco Ferré, Valentino, Yamamoto, Giorgio Armani, Pierre Cardin, Emilio Pucci or Christian Louboutin, one could also find the names who undeservedly don’t enjoy the same amount of fame, though they are truly appreciated by fashion lovers and historians – Elsa Schiaparelli, Roberto Capucci, Enrico Coveri or Pino Lancetti, just to name a few.

Fashion history has a lot to teach us. Attention to details. Dedication of the master. Delicate finish. Carefully chosen high quality fabrics. Traditions passed from generation to generation. Timeless elegance. Personality and creative genius of the designer reflected in the final design. His or her signature handwriting.

Taking a walk through the streets of the history of fashion reveals us the true power of it, not only as a personal image creator, but the contributor to the social norms, traditions and to the image of whole nations. Nowadays, when we perhaps too eagerly are marching to the rhythm of the drums of fast fashion, it is easy to forget that fashion is also a form of art in its own right.

Some of my favorite designs from the Palazzo Pitti exhibition:

1. Ballroom gown by Alma Maria Lami, made of embroidered silk satin
2. Floral silk gown by Gianfranco Ferré, made for Christian Dior Couture

3. Silk evening gown by Roberto Capucci
4. Woolen jacket and printed silk gown by Valentino

5. Printed cotton dress by Emilio Pucci
6. ‘60s dress by Pierre Cardin, made of silk and plastic

7. Evening gowns, knitwear and sequins, by Enrico Coveri
8. Short jacket by Franco Moschino, made of silk, sequins and seed pearls

So yes, fashion can conquer the winter kaamos and truly inspire us. Don’t forget to stop by when in Florence!

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