Brilliant and shocking perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri


The world knows Italian scandalous perfumer and scent installation artist Alessandro Gualtieri as a crazy genius who denies all the regular rules of the perfume world, while trying to bring out our own bodily smells – that people usually try to hide with perfumes – and make them pleasurable. Now, when his second perfume series “Orto Parisi” has freshly arrived to Estonia, we asked Alessandro to take a moment and briefly talk about his ingenious world and what inspires him.

Your approach to perfume world is definitely far from traditional. It’s intriguing, unconventional and even shocking. What is that you want to say with your creations?

To me, the meaning of my creations is being born through the creating process itself, only then I discover the true idea of my creation. It’s a journey that will start and end in the moment the first bottle in the new perfume series is ready. From that moment the people themselves create the meaning, my creation becomes each person’s journey through life.

In the coming years, what awaits your brand and the perfume industry as a whole?

First of all, the brand is also a creation to me. Since my creation is always completely different, I believe that also the brand moves nowhere and everywhere at the same time. As for the perfume industry as a whole, I have no idea what awaits it and I really don’t care. I continue with my creations.

Where do you find inspiration from?

Most of all, from wild and earthly smells. In case of Orto Parisi, my inspiration was the summers spent at my grandfather’s place when I was a kid. In the countryside people used buckets to take care of one’s natural body needs and their contents in turn to fertilise plants in the garden. I remember these smells. The man himself has nowadays set strong smells as a taboo and pushed down the pristine naturalness. Orto Parisi series tells us exactly the opposite: the human body must be celebrated as a garden which is a true reflection of our soul and its deepest instincts.

First and foremost I prefer to live in the present moment and deeply embrace the surroundings. However, sometimes it’s also good to look back in time to find inspiration – for example the perfume Brutus from Orto Parisi series, the story of which lies in betraying Caesar.



How much do you put yourself into your creations – is there any perfume you especially relate to?

While making perfumes and later putting together the series as a whole, I always walk in the edge of repulsive and attractive, I balance them, I play with them. Just now I finished working on a new perfume from Nasomatto series which will come out at the end of this year. With this I feel a greater closeness than with any other perfume.

Could you give us a hint, what else exciting is about to come from you?

Currently I am working on something you might end up drinking..

Alessandro Gualtieri is a world famous Italian perfumer and scent installation artist, who also visited Estonia a year ago. His previous perfume series NASOMATTO (translation: “crazy nose”) was warmly welcomed by Estonian perfume lovers and now his second perfume series Orto Parisi is exclusively on sale in Crème de la Crème boutique at Viru Keskus.

There are six perfumes in Orto Parisi series – Bergamask, Viride, Brutus, Boccanera, Stercus and Seminalis – the initial inspiration of which takes us, for example, to freshly caught prey, green mould or to already mentioned Brutus. Initial wild aromas are ingeniously combined with freshness and sensuality, while still gleaming in the darker notes. The perfumer does not reveal the actual components of its perfumes in order to let people endlessly fantasize and to express their pure emotions.

Interview by: Evelin Ojamets
Photos: Alessandro Gualtieri

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