Black-and-White Tiger


Photo: Mariken Nikker

Photo: Mariken Nikker

I had been eager for some time to try something a bit different for a shooting. Something with a bit more attitude, edgy and urban. When I saw this black-and-white cool jacket, made by Estonian young fashion talent Birgit Kool, I immediately came back to my idea and I’m happy to have had a pleasure to work with a talented photographer Mariken Nikker, who helped to brought it to life.

The jacket is part of her collection “Reptile”, the embodiment of a modern urban woman, who likes garments that allow her to emphasize her own personal style, rather than disguising it, being comfortable, yet noticeable. The jacket is actually very versatile, it could be styled with a pair of leggings, velvet trousers, jeans or as I did it this time – with tight leather pants from Morgan de Toi. Heels and edgy sporty footwear would both do just fine, I went for the heels, obviously. Just for those few extra inches of fierceness.

Thank you:

Photos: Mariken Nikker
Make-up & Hair: Lana Vallo, Glow Make-up

I’m wearing:

Jacket: Birgit Kool
Leather pants and heels: Morgan (Foorum)
Accessories: Tiina Talumees Moestuudio

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