The Best Local Tastes in Capri


My gourmet tour continued in Capri, where I can’t resist its fresh and delicious local food, even after more than ten years of going and being part of that island.

Here’s my list of absolutely obligatory local tastes that one simply must experience while there. Plan some walking into your days, as you can’t resist consuming all that delicious food, so some calorie burning is much needed.

Seafood pasta in its different forms. Classical spaghetti or linguine or scialatelli ai frutti di mare or pasta with white fish (fresh catch of the day) and tomatoes or a Neapolitan version with mussels, clams and – yes, beans.

Seafood risotto or risotto ai frutti di mare – just unbelievably rich in taste, coming in a variety of seafood.

Calamari fritti or fried squid. An absolute sinful delight!

– Seafood in every possible way, from fresh seafood salad or insalata di mare to octopus sautéed in tomato sauce or grilled lobster or stuffed calamari.

– The legendary Caprese salad or insalata caprese. Traditionally made with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, but I tried this time her elegant relative – burrata al tartufo con pomodoro, the creamy burrata cheese with truffle, tomatoes and basil.

– All kinds of oven-baked or otherwise sautéed vegetables, packed with plenty of local taste and drizzled with delicious olive oil. For example, stuffed eggplants, melanzane ripiene, the local cousins of parmigiana di melanzane.

Pizza. Of course, as we are in Italy and furthermore, not far from Napoli, where this incredible food was born. No need to say more, but still, be careful about the place where you buy it. One can find frozen pizza even in Capri and many good local restaurants that do not have real pizza ovens, don’t even offer this item in their menu. Choose a traditional pizzeria instead and you will be well settled.

Panzerotti. Distant relatives of pizza, for those, who would like to try something different, perfect for a starter or antipasto. Little fried “pies”, made of pizza-like dough, filled with mozzarella and prosciutto. Preferably served in a rich tomato sauce.

– Refreshing summer drinks, much needed for cooling and that burst of extra energy. Freshly squeezed lemon juice or spremuta di limone, for example, or lemon, orange, fresh mint or watermelon slush that they call granita.

Capri DOC. Local Capri wine, made with the grapes cultivated straight on the island. For example, the ones of Scala Fenicia, a little local vineyard.

Follow with the Southern Italian golden limoncello and a delicious gelato from Buonocore Gelateria – you will recognize it by the lively waiting line and unmistakable smell of freshly baked waffles in the Capri center – and you are in heaven!

My tastes come from a variety of places in Capri, from little ice-cream or granita stands to beach restaurants to simpler and more classier restaurants.

As many of you have asked for recommendations regarding specific restaurants in Capri, I give you my two absolute favorites that haven’t changed over the years – for a lovely dining experience in a small excellent family restaurant La Capannina and for a simple local meal, be it pizza or lunch or dinner, pizzeria-ristorante Longano. You will find both right in the center of Capri. And don’t forget that gelato I mentioned, no?

Arrivederci, il mio paradiso blu!

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