Autumn Beauty Picks


Autumn greetings to you, my lovely readers and thank you for sticking with me! As you probably already were able to detect, I have been somewhat slower than usual to post recently. Those of you, who also follow me on my Instagram account (evelinojamets), know that I have been jetting around quite a lot recently, from Capri to Washington DC, where we took part of the official DC Fashion Week with the delegation of Estonian designers.

And now, when I’m back in the office, I just was greeted with such a long to-do list after my travels that only now I’m able to say something meaningful – or at least I hope so – on my blog. But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been preparing for it – one thing that I was in fact doing all this time, was trying and testing different beauty products, from the old classics to the season novelties, to recommend you here.

I actually will have two blog posts: in this one I’m concentrating on the decorative chapter of my beauty book and immediately after, on the caring side with all those face and body products that are allowing us to keep at least some of that illuminating shine of the summer, despite of the attacking rainy autumn days.

But back to the colorful world of my makeup favorites. One product that simply belongs to every beauty bag – and not just one, let us be honest – is, of course, a lipstick. As soon as autumn comes, I’m irresistibly attracted to red and berry shades, both for everyday looks and for any festive occasion. Sometimes there’s simply no alternative to the classical red in all of its different shades.

One of the season’s novelties that I absolutely love, is the new Clinique Pop Lip Color that actually combines two things – smoothing primer and bold color rouge. The result is beautifully matte, yet very noticeable, as the incorporated primer allows for a smooth flawless result that really lasts for hours, at the same time giving that necessary moisture that my lips need, especially now with this ever changeable autumn weather. My personal favorites are two lovey strong berry shades: Graffiti Pop 05 (lighter) and Peppermint Pop 11 (a darker shade).

Another clear lip favorite for this autumn/winter season is the L’Oréal Paris Gold Obsession collection. When before I talked about matte, then now, on the contrary, I’m adding sparkle. And isn’t that actually nice that we do have both opportunities to fit our beauty rituals to different moods and occasions that we have? Anyway, L’Oréal Paris Gold Obsession collection is building upon the brand’s famed Color Riche lipstick, but adding a finishing metallic gold sparkle to it. It comes in five shades, from Pure Gold – really deliciously golden, works alone, but also revives beautifully any nude or coffee tones when applied on top of them as the second layer – to nude, rose and berry shades to Rouge Gold, which is to me that luscious red seen often in the streets of Paris. When I think of red lips and afterhours, I think of that lipstick. And as the fashion events are just around the corner, I couldn’t be happier.



But there are a few other additions to my make-up bag, worth mentioning. First of all, mascara – something I never leave home without. For some time already I have been using the Urban Decay’s Perversion, which really does what it promises – leaving my eyelashes bigger, blacker and badder. As I’m one of those women who like to have always the maximum effect, it’s something that I can really recommend. However, now there’s also a novelty by MaxFactor that I have been testing recently and I’m very happy with the results – False Lash Epic. It promises to make you instantly photo-ready and I must admit that the effect is really there. The new brush with its uniquely shaped top separates even the smallest corner eyelashes and it has a gorgeous full volume effect.

While travelling, I really grew to love those multitasking products that you can mix and use for different purposes – especially handy when you don’t have that much luggage space. And when do we have it ?! The MacFactor Eyeshadow Palette, for example, is combining nude mattes for base, darker shades for smokey eyes, sparkling shades that can be also used as an highlighter and a perfect black that – when mixed with some water – works very neatly as an eyeliner.



To add some color to my cheeks, I like to use the Mosaic Powder Amour by NYX – a powder blush that has five gorgeous autumn shades that can be mixed for a warm and natural result. But I couldn’t finish this blog post without Chanel and one product that I’m still absolutely in love with – it’s their legendary Les Beiges Blush Stick N°21, a soft creamy blush that blends in fantastically, leaving you a fantastic color, glow and sheer.

A touch of perfume and I’m good to go – recently it’s all about Sine Die and its – literally – timelessness for me. By the legendary French-Italian perfume house, Laurent Mazzone.

Here you go, some of my absolute beauty favorites that I swear by, are now revealed. Of course, there are still many I didn’t yet mention, but I will come back to that topic, I promise.

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