pilt1Fashionista Lifestyle blog is my world of style & philosophy of living, fashion, trends, beauty, travelling and tastes. It remains thoroughly subjective, as well as it remains personal, though I only tend to write about people and things that for one reason or another really inspire me. The majority of my content is unpaid, as the blog is based on my lifelong passion for fashion, style and writing. When I collaborate with brands, it’s with those that I truly love and support, even without collaborating.

pilt2I share my life between Estonia and Italy, being influenced by this utterly intriguing symbiosis of Nordic and Mediterranean styles of living. In my everyday life I work as a communication professional, specialized in marketing communications, lifestyle and fashion PR, as well as do writing, journalism and of course – blogging. I frequently reach into my own life and travels for blogging inspiration, aiming to inspire my readers with stories, tips and confessions, from important social issues and women empowerment to fashion, beauty, taste and travel tips. One of my passions is introducing Estonian and Nordic design to the world, as there are truly amazing designers to be discovered also in this part of the world.

I believe the readers of my blog being self-confident cosmopolitan women (and men), who equally effortlessly rule corporate boardrooms, master both street style and glamorous blitz party looks, as well as find inspiration from books, travels, from a scent of perfume or – from a happy laughter of friends and family members. If someone asked me to describe my own style that I have developed over time, it’s most likely a blend of chic, modern and sophisticated lines.

Always happy for your comments and feedback, as well as for sharing the content you like. Always happy to welcome you back. Always happy for new inspiring collaboration ideas. I hope you enjoy!


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