7 Beauty Favorites of 2016


Happy 2017, my dears! The new promising year is again ahead of us like a new novel that is waiting for its main narrative to be enriched with substance. With adventures. With dreams to be followed. With the New Year promises to be kept. With love to be shared. With new professional challenges to be conquered. With new countries and people to be met and discovered.

I wish that you all would have that feeling of fresh energy and courage to act upon it throughout the year, so that in December 2017 each of you would have your personal novel ready and at least worth of the Pulitzer prize.

But before we go on to more serious matters, let’s start with something equally important – the products that allow us to look our best. Without further due, here are my personal face and body beauty favorites from 2016, all thoroughly tried and highly recommended. From affordable to moderate price points this time:

Origins Originals Skin Essence Lotion – a much praised face lotion, containing dual ferment complex. I use it both, in the mornings and in the evenings, after cleansing and gently peeling my face and before applying a few drops of a serum or a face oil, followed by a cream or a moisturizer. It’s visibly working, as you can literally feel that your face is cleaner and toned and ready for pampering with creams. I don’t usually suffer from skin problems, but everyone has those occasional outbursts, so I have found that it also works perfectly against these.

La Beaute Marine series by Thalgo – absolutely addicted to the whole set, I must admit, that also works wonderfully together. For my everyday cleansing routine in the mornings and evenings, I use the freshness exfoliator for a gentle peeling, their hydrating and really illuminating serum and a refreshing radiance boosting gel-cream. All products are based on marine ingredients, giving a genuine SPA-like feeling. I’m using the products for normal to combination skin, but they have dedicated products for all skin types, of course. Their gel-cream might be the best fit for spring-summer, as it’s really light, perfectly avoiding the outburst and the feeling of greasiness under the sun. I would actually recommend to use it in combination with something more nutrient and substantial in the evenings, even though it’s meant for 24H using. And their clarifying mud mask is also pleasantly efficient, I use it 1-2 times a week, depending again on the condition of my skin. All products have also a wonderful fresh smell, so very much recommended also for those, who don’t like very strong smells.

Natura Siberica Cedar Face Oil – fresh and natural, hand-pressed on the spot in their stores, it can be used for a multitude of things, from using it instead of your face serum once in a while or to repair some little damages caused by cold or even to give some life to a bit dull hair tips.

Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask – a wonderful pink tissue-mask that is doing wonders, as proved multiple times during my long-haul (or not so long-haul) flights, either while going to sleep after arrival or directly during your flight, just as the models do. The whole Sephora mask series is a wonder, also those designed for eyes and lips, the The Sephora Lotus Mask for Eyes, for example. An easy to use travel must-be.

Carthusia Rose Soaps – just that one pretty must-be in your own or in your guest bathroom, fitting perfectly to busy travel bags. Lovely smell and natural ingredients are only a further advantage.

Natura Siberica Renewing and/or Sculpting Body Scrubs. – efficient and full of natural ingredients from seaweed to frozen berries to caviar. The most luxurious of them – the caviar one – is efficient and leaves your skin wonderfully smooth, but you should definitely test it on your skin before buying, as for some people the specific aroma it has might be too strong. My personal favorite is the one with frozen Nordic berries Natura Siberica Sculpting Body Scrub with 10 Icy Berries . The quantity is enough for quite some time, so taken into account the most modest price level, they are something to try indeed.

Sephora Exfoliating Body Wash – a gently exfoliating gel that is appropriate also for everyday using. My skin thanks me every time for the feeling of smoothness and freshness, at the same time not being too harshly scrubbed. Comes in a variety of options, the cherry blossoms one being among my top favorites.

The lucky 7, though actually there could have been a lot more. But it’s already 2017 and I’m testing a load of new and old favorites with the results soon on their way.


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