10 Wow-Moments from Tallinn Fashion Week


It’s time to share some highlights of Tallinn Fashion Week also with my blog’s international audience, as in Estonia there can be found truly interesting fashion designers, definitely worth of discovering. I always love to say that Estonian design is the yet-to-be-discovered little cousin of Scandinavian design that is not purely Scandinavian, not entirely so minimalistic, but rather a unique melting pot of our craftsmanship heritage, Northern spirit in a modern key and some bold lines and color combinations entering from the Slavic part of the country’s history.

Estonian fashion design has clearly gone through a vast development in the last few 4-5 years from design style to marketing point of view that has allowed us to collect also the first international successes. Though, the big discovery by the world, like done by our Scandinavian neighbors, is yet to be seen.

Somewhat the same is true for Tallinn Fashion Week that with the every passing year gets more and more professional in terms of organization, buzz creation and participating designers. Also this time it gave a good overview of the A to Z of Estonian fashion. There were some established fashion houses that showed again their expected good level, some offered surprises by bringing in new interesting design lines, innovative styling ideas caught an eye, but of course, no fashion week gets by without the exhibition of some mediocre collections, so it was also the case here. However, the good taste and interesting design ideas still prevailed.

Here are the 10 WOW-moments that made it to my favorites list (in no particular order):

Xenia Joost and her whimsical cool styling

Plum and aubergine autumn looks by Aldo Järvsoo

Tiina Talumees, mixing feminine floral prints with masculine lines

Elaborate couture by the Golden Needle winner Kristina Viirpalu in the spirit of old French couture traditions

Metallic urban look by Iris Janvier, playing with well-placed body accentuating details

Delicate detailing of the modern couture by Marit Ilison

Art of bringing together comfort, trendy look and natural materials by Mare Kelpman, the Silver Needle winner

Leather bags collection by Kadri Kruus made for the Golden Needle

Modern dolls taking the city by storm – Tallinn Dolls by Karolin Kuusik

Dark goddesses by Diana Arno


Photo credits: Erlend Staub, TFW

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